shores of darkness

by tojamura 7

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the fog of surf


released March 29, 2016

all writing credits, tojamura seven, except track 7, dennis wilson/charles manson. recorded at fearnley house studios, london. mastered by will killingsworth at dead air studios, w. mass.



all rights reserved


tojamura 7 London, UK

the fog of surf

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Track Name: Surf Poem pt1
surf poem why are you so alone
even though i know you no more
i've told you once that i ain't going home
surf you speak to me so
surfing is my only tone
in a wave i am at one with the wind and the sea
surf poem and me
Track Name: Surfing
that's all we want to do
that's all we ever knew
surfing in the mist of the night
over the glassiness of the spite
we went surfing
surfing on the shores of venice beach
in your arms but out of reach
we went surfing
surfing in californ-i-a
on the waves of our malaise
we went surfing
surf's up
Track Name: The Captain
this place is where the captain lives
he's alone he'll never die
some people call him a bum
occasionally to his face
he used to surf but now he lives alone
constantly maligned just playing the fool
his name nobody seems to know
his place in society is gone
he used to have big hair but it all fell out
this is the captain's song
he used to surf but now he sits at home
constantly in strife just playing the fool
a ucla grad student majored in the art of surf
a broken man's alma mater
hail to the hills of west wood
Track Name: Surf Forever
and time and light and love is ours
the surf the sun the wind oh
we'll live we'll love we'll swim we'll dance
we'll surf forever forever
we'll surf forever and ever and ever
Track Name: Surf Poem pt2
this is my surf poem to you
my one and only ode to the blue
but i can't take this any more
my surfboard's broken
and my heart it's ashore
in a wave i am the only one
the wind the trees the icy sun
with the riptide pulling me down
if i'm unlucky i might end up drowned
surf poem it's my surf poem
Track Name: 100ft Wave
i got a hundred foot wave
and it's drowning me now
and i'm never going home
i got a hundred foot wave
and it's gonna be my grave
i got a hundred food wave
Track Name: Surf Riot
surf riot usa
we go surfing every day
surf riot usa
we go surfing every way
surf riot
surf riot
Track Name: Surfer Inside Me
the tide is getting me down
it's turning me inside out
so i left my freezing spirit on the shore
the surfer inside me don't surf no more
time is getting me down
it's burning me to the ground
so i left my freezing spirt on the shore
this time the surfer wakes no more
the surfer inside me don't surf no more